Legitic Law office


The firm’s fees are usually billed according to the time spent on the case. The time spent may vary depending on several factors, some of which are sometimes unpredictable (counterclaims, procedural incidents, intervention of third parties etc.).

However, we understand the legitimate desire of the client, who needs to know the precise budget foreseen for his/her case. That explains why :

  • we strive to offer packages for cases whose due diligence is clearly marked (sending and follow-up of a letter of formal notice, drafting of CGV / CGU, certain interim proceedings etc.);
  • from the first appointment, we provide you with an estimate of our fees and other fees to consider. Thereafter, you will be kept informed of each event likely to change the initial budget;
  • you have the option to set a threshold for a case. You will be alerted as soon as the defined time limit has been reached;
  • when you are billed for the time spent, you will receive with each invoice a list of the procedures carried out so that you can check each billed diligence.

Furthermore, in some cases, we also propose to charge a fee according to the result, which is an additional fee, collected only if they are successful. The advantage of this type of fee is to allow the client to pay a reduced initial fee to start with and only pay the additional fees for results if his/her application has been successful.

A provision is systematically requested for the opening of the case and before any diligence. The amount of this provision will be deducted from the first due diligence invoice sent to the client.

In some cases, depending on the nature of the case and the workload needed within the firm, we accept legal aid as a form of payment.