Legitic Law office

Law office presentation

  • Our Vision

    The only skills are not enough to sit a healthy and productive collaboration. The Legitic law office is conscious that the main advantage of a relation between a customer and its lawyer is a vision and essential human values, bringing both parts to work in a climate of confidence, requirement and constant commitment.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Cabinet LEGITIC consists in implementing everything to accompany his clientele and propose him) quality services responding to precise and specific needs. Every customer is unique, and every affair will be treated as such, with the same requirement and the same concern of result.

  • Our Values

    Closeness, Listening, Transparency, Confidence, Commitment and Efficiency count among the essential notions reflecting our will to respond to the needs of our clientele.

The Firm was founded by Firas Mamoun, Lawyer at the Bar of Paris and Doctor of Law.

The Firm has legal expertise in new technology and intellectual property law. Furthermore, it has general proficiency, well established in business law, consumer law and civil litigation.

The Firm is thus able to intervene in all matters pertaining to its economic life.

The Firm’s human scale makes it possible to maintain a close relationship with clients, to be always responsive to them and adaptive to their needs.

Complete transparency concerning due diligence and fees is the cornerstone of the privileged relationship that the Firm builds with its clients.