E-reputation & Press offence

E-reputation & Press offence

  •    Defamation
  •    Insult
  •    Right of reply
  •    Denigration

Internet reputation (e-reputation) has become one of the major challenges of e-commerce. 80% of Internet users say they search the internet before buying a product.

Internet reputation consists mainly of purchaser feedback or press articles.

If expressing an opinion comes within the fundamental freedom of expression, then abuses are sanctioned, particularly on the basis of the 29 July 1881 Law concerning the Freedom of the Press and on the basis of tort liability.

When the litigious comments consist in discrediting only the products and / or services of a company, we talk of denigration.

When the comments are likely to affect the honour or the consideration physically or morally of a person (comments aimed at the person themselves), we talk of defamation of character.

When it comes to offensive language (insults), we talk of insults.

Regarding press offenses, namely defamation and insult, there is an extremely short limitation period of three months to institute legal proceedings.

We support our clients, in prosecution or defense, in the pre-litigation, the litigation of e-reputation and the right to be forgotten.

The definition of a specific objective is an important element in the case of press offenses. Sometimes, the exercise of a right of reply (if necessary imposed by a court decision) may have a better impact than the suppression of the contentious comments.

We provide our clients with the most appropriate procedural strategy to help them achieve their objectives.